Care Groups

CARE Groups at BBF

Healthy relationships are essential for life and spiritual growth. Our CARE groups exist to provide opportunities for you to develop life-sharing relationships where you can “grow together” with others here at Berean Bible Fellowship.

What Is a CARE Group?

At Berean Bible Fellowship a CARE group is a gathering of anywhere from between 3 and 15 people who have intentionally set aside time in their already busy lives to come together on a regular basis to laugh, encourage, listen, pray, study, learn, serve, reach out and grow together.


What is the goal of BBF’s CARE Groups?

The ultimate goal of every CARE group at BBF is to see the lives of the people who are in it being constantly transformed by God so that each person grows to be more like Jesus. When this happens, our CARE groups are helping us meet our mission and vision as a church family.


How can I find out more information about Care Groups?

Please call the church office to find out details regarding care groups meeting times and locations.